LeanData Customer Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonial - LogicMonitor0:57

    Customer Testimonial - LogicMonitor

    <p>LeanData helped LogicMonitor completely change the way they approach their lead routing flow, allowing the team to spend less time trying to understand how leads are routed, and focusing on what to

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  • Customer Testimonial - Nutanix0:43

    Customer Testimonial - Nutanix

    <p>“I would describe LeanData as adaptable, customizable, and intuitive.”</p>

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  • Customer Testimonial - 15Five0:53

    Customer Testimonial - 15Five

    LeanData helped a small marketing team at 15Five efficiently manage a high volume of inbound leads by automating processes to route leads to the right reps as fast as possible.</p>

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  • Customer Testimonial - UserTesting1:20

    Customer Testimonial - UserTesting

    <p>LeanData was able to help UserTesting’s sales ops team quickly visualize their lead flows, and iterate on the fly as needed. All after a quick and easy same day deployment.</p>

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  • Customer Testimonial - ACL Services0:39

    Customer Testimonial - ACL Services

    <p>LeanData helped streamline the frequent territory reassignments that occurred at ACL Services. Territory reassignments that used to take days of manual data manipulation work by the marketing ops t

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  • Customer Testimonial - Applause0:52

    Customer Testimonial - Applause

    <p>With LeanData’s industry leading matching algorithm, Applause was able to automatically match and assign inbound leads to existing account owners. Preventing conflicting lead and account ownership

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  • Customer Testimonial - FinancialForce1:32

    Customer Testimonial - FinancialForce

    <p>LeanData has helped FinancialForce bridge technological gaps in their CRM system, which in turn has helped bridge the organizational gap between their sales and marketing teams because leads, conta

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  • Customer Testimonial - Vormetric2:02

    Customer Testimonial - Vormetric

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  • Customer Testimonial - Host Analytics1:34

    Customer Testimonial - Host Analytics

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  • Customer Testimonial - Cloudera3:15

    Customer Testimonial - Cloudera

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