Operations Is Taking Over the Business World

August 3, 2017 Mark Emmons

Operations professionals are in high demand. Yes, you’re shocked. (Shocked!) As if you didn’t already know that good operations people are worth their weight in gold. But now InsightSquared and LinkedIn have added some fascinating metrics that show just how ravenous the business world has become for Ops talent.

Consider this number: 60,000.

That’s how many open positions are available worldwide requiring business, sales or marketing operations skills. This was one of the key takeaways from a joint InsightSquared-LinkedIn project called “Sales Ops vs. Business Ops vs. Marketing Ops: A Visual Analysis.” The research sheds light on an interesting question — what exactly is the Ops persona?

Forward-thinking businesses, of course, do understand the value of operations. After all, the companies that lead the marketplace often aren’t the ones with the best ideas. Instead, they are the best at executing ideas. Operations is at the heart of that philosophy by helping revenue-generating teams become more focused and efficient.

“Despite immense musical talent, an orchestra would be cacophonous without a conductor,” said Joe Chernov, the vice president of marketing at InsightSquared. “Ops professionals are the conductors of their particular lines of business. They deserve much greater recognition than we marketers have traditionally afforded them.”

In other words, just refer to them as Special Ops.

“Without operations, you’re working in the old world,” added Brett Rogers, a solutions consultant at LeanData, who previously ran Sales Ops at Reflektive. “Operations is a revenue changer. There is a huge ROI benefit.”

The InsightSquared/LinkedIn research explored general characteristics of people in the Ops role as well as where they work.

Among the highlights:

  • Tech companies invest most heavily in Ops, especially business and marketing operations
  • Despite the tech industry’s well-documented struggle with gender diversity, there is a fairly even distribution between men and women in business and marketing operations
  • There are more Ops pros who have no college degree than those who earned Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees combined

Then there’s that 60,000 figure, which comes from LinkedIn job postings. Clearly, there is a growing knowledge in the business community about the value of operations. That doesn’t surprise LeanData’s Rogers, who sees operations as the key to the increasing emphasis on sales and marketing alignment.

“Ops helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing,” he said. “Two departments that traditionally have butted heads now are working together for the common good. The role of bringing together those teams falls to Ops.”

And the roles of organizations is to find strong operations practitioners who can make that happen.

About the Author

Mark Emmons

Mark Emmons is the staff writer at LeanData. He previously was a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, Orange County Register and Detroit Free Press. He can be reached at mark@leandatainc.com.

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