[Keynote] Emergence of Revenue Operations

April 10, 2019

Dana Therrien, Practice Leader, Sales Operations Strategies SiriusDecisions

Senior business leaders who wish to drive revenue and growth must prioritize close alignment between sales and marketing. However, siloed processes, data and even technology can hamper growth efforts – while priorities, budgets and senior personalities often remain in conflict. To drive common process adoption, some companies are championing a change that introduces the notion of Revenue Operations. Although the term has various interpretations and applications, Revenue Operations brings the operational work of sales, marketing and customer success together under one roof. Revenue Operations is about taking a more holistic, end-to-end approach to managing operations across an organization. However, such an organizational change has considerable implications for both marketing and sales operations functions. In this session, Dana will share: Common issues driving the trend toward organizational integration An analysis of the related benefits and challenges such an organizational shift can bring Perspectives from a broad range of your peers in both sales and marketing operations

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