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The Rise of the Customer-Centric Company (The ‘3 Cs’)

October 19, 2018

Chief Analyst and Co-founder, TOPO

The transformation to a customer-centric company is in full-swing in B2C as companies build their strategy, people, process, and tech stack to support the customer experience. B2B is just beginning the journey. B2B customer-centricity means that we design, execute, measure, and optimize the entire customer lifecycle from marketing engagement to close to renewal/upsell. Customer-centricity will be the next revolution in B2B marketing. Phase I has been about becoming highly targeted (the account-based movement). Phase II is true customer-centricity which will deliver relevant, impactful engagement across all touches and all functions (offline and online). In this presentation, TOPO Chief Analyst Craig Rosenberg, will walk through the key pillars of customer-centricity and provide specific information on how to transform now.

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