LeanData Customer Stories

  • ServiceMax Case Study

    ServiceMax Case Study

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  • Customer Testimonial - Sutherland1:23

    Customer Testimonial - Sutherland

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  • Customer Testimonial - Marchex1:39

    Customer Testimonial - Marchex

    LeanData's Matching and Routing solutions helped Marchex efficiently clean up their database and quickly route incoming leads to the right sales rep.

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  • Intercom Case Study

    Intercom Case Study

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  • Datadog Case Study

    Datadog Case Study

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  • Salesloft Case Study

    Salesloft Case Study

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  • Castlight Health Case Study

    Castlight Health Case Study

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  • Kaltura Case Study

    Kaltura Case Study

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  • Tune Case Study

    Tune Case Study

    See how Tune uses LeanData's matching, routing, and attribution solutions to streamline lead management, drive competitiveness, and accelerate its sales cycle.

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  • Dynatrace Case Study

    Dynatrace Case Study

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  • Gigamon Case Study

    Gigamon Case Study

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  • Customer Testimonial - FinancialForce1:32

    Customer Testimonial - FinancialForce

    LeanData has helped FinancialForce bridge technological gaps in their CRM system, which in turn has helped bridge the organizational gap between their sales and marketing teams because leads, contacts

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  • Dynamic Signal Case Study

    Dynamic Signal Case Study

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  • Uberflip Case Study

    Uberflip Case Study

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  • Bluewolf Case Study

    Bluewolf Case Study

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  • Customer Testimonial - Glint1:34

    Customer Testimonial - Glint

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  • Customer Testimonial - Quantcast1:42

    Customer Testimonial - Quantcast

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  • Customer Testimonial - Oath1:34

    Customer Testimonial - Oath

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  • Customer Testimonial - LogicMonitor0:57

    Customer Testimonial - LogicMonitor

    LeanData helped LogicMonitor completely change the way they approach their lead routing flow, allowing the team to spend less time trying to understand how leads are routed, and focusing on what to do

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  • Customer Testimonial - Nutanix0:43

    Customer Testimonial - Nutanix

    “I would describe LeanData as adaptable, customizable, and intuitive.”

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