How LeanData Sips Its Own Champagne

November 12, 2015 Mark Emmons


You’ve heard the expressions. Eat our own dog food. Sip our own champagne. Drink our own home brew.

All are shorthand descriptions that companies sometimes use to tout how they are the best customers of their own products and solutions. And it’s no different at LeanData.

Our team uses the Sales Accelerator product to automatically match leads to the proper accounts. Then, by combining the capabilities of both LeanData Router and LeanData Converter, leads are immediately delivered to the right place.

Leads never get lost. There’s no delay in sales representatives following up in a timely manner. It eliminates the embarrassing possibility of multiple reps calling on the same company.

“We use it because it works and it helps us close deals faster,” said Brian Birkett, LeanData’s vice president of sales.

You can read here to learn more about how LeanData saves time and boosts efficiency by using Sales Accelerator.


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