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Trailblazer Profiles of Sales and Marketing Leaders

LeanData's Trailblazer Series highlights innovative professionals who are making their mark on business and leading the way for others.

  • Doug Pepper

    Doug Pepper

    Helping Shape the MarTech Revolution

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  • Kirk Lacob

    Kirk Lacob

    The Secret Ingredient to the Warriors' Success

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  • Dhiraj Singh

    Dhiraj Singh

    Managing Processes, Systems Is a Way of Life

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  • Kristina Frost

    Kristina Frost

    How a Music Background Led to Sales Operations

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  • Tom Pae

    Tom Pae

    From Serving His Country to Sales Enablement

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  • Hacer "Haja" Demiroers

    Hacer "Haja" Demiroers

    A Personal Journey to Sales Operations

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  • Pete Kazanjy

    Pete Kazanjy

    Putting Sales Operations Professionals on the Map

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  • Chad T. Dyar

    Chad T. Dyar

    A Performer Shines on the Sales Operations Stage

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  • Bastiaan Janmaat

    Bastiaan Janmaat

    World-Traveler Making a Mark in Silicon Valley

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  • Chris Rothstein

    Chris Rothstein

    The Heavy-Lifting to Build a Tech Company

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  • Jason Paquette

    Jason Paquette

    Making Sales Teams Picture Perfect

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  • Craig Rosenberg

    Craig Rosenberg

    The Man Behind The Funnelholic Sales and Marketing Blog

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  • Scott Brinker

    Scott Brinker

    Standing at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology

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  • Melissa Davies

    Melissa Davies

    One of the earliest adopters of marketing technology

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  • Sangram Vajre

    Sangram Vajre

    The Account-Based Marketing Evangelist Takes the Stage

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  • Lars Nilsson

    Lars Nilsson

    The Man Behind the Account-Based Sales Development Story

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  • Jin Daikoku

    Jin Daikoku

    The Running Man: From Standout Athlete to Sales Leader

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  • Masha Finkelstein

    Masha Finkelstein

    From Laboratory Researcher to Marketing Technologist

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  • Nani Jansen

    Nani Jansen

    Using Data to Tell Stories That Help Grow The Business

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  • Kenny Lee

    Kenny Lee

    The Perfect Marketing Role for a Technologist and World Traveler

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