Salesloft Case Study

March 1, 2017

Businesses look to SalesLoft for guidance and best practices on designing a productive revenue-generation process. SalesLoft also takes a thoughtful approach about making its own selling machine efficient. Before implementing LeanData, SalesLoft utilized native assignment rules in the Salesforce CRM to route leads. But that wasn’t scalable for a company growing at an exponential rate like SalesLoft. 

"We couldn’t scale our business without LeanData. It’s really that simple. We need to understand all of the specific activities within our accounts, and LeanData allows us to do that. LeanData just makes sure everything gets to the right place.”

– Cindy Hancock, Sales Operations Systems Manager


  • Native Salesforce assignment rules were not scalable.
  • Money was being left on the table when leads would slip through the cracks.


  • LeanData Matching automatically matches leads to accounts, removing the need for manual conversion.
  • LeanData Routing ensures leads are routing to the right reps and allows them to reach out immediately.


  • Successful Shift to ABM Strategy: The ability to convert leads to contacts within target accounts give the teams 360 visibility into their accounts.
  • Time Savings: Elimination of manually assigning leads has saved “countless days of manual data entry and cross referencing."
  • Scalability: Brings order to a Salesforce instance that previously had been chaotic due to rapid growth by improving database accuracy.
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