ON24 Case Study

July 27, 2017

ON24, which Forrester has called “the best webcasting technology for marketers,” was growing quickly. But there was a recognition that the business could scale even faster with more efficient lead management.

"We’ve had a phenomenal experience with LeanData. When we look at our budget, LeanData is in that golden category of the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s A plus software in my mind.”

– Sam Shin, Senior Sales Operations Analyst


  • Routing leads was a complex process due to multiple legacy systems.
  • Manually routing leads was time consuming and slow, meaning hot leads often grew cold before reps reached out.


  • MQLs are automatically matched to the proper accounts using LeanData Matching.  
  • LeanData Routing assigns leads to correct sales reps and international offices. 


  • Automating lead routing has freed up one full-time sales ops position to focus on more strategic efforts. 
  • Routing leads in real-time accelerates the buyers journey - shortening the sales cycle by 2-3 weeks.
  • The ability to change routing flows quickly allows them to stay ahead of the competition. 

"After adding LeanData to our MarTech stack, we’ve improved the efficiency of our team by 10x and alleviated an average of two-to-three weeks off the sales cycle. More importantly, innovative technologies like LeanData enable us to get back to the human side of marketing – engaging with our customers, building their trust and earning their loyalty."

- Joe Hyland, Chief Marketing Officer

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