Dynatrace Case Study

May 18, 2018

Dynatrace leads the digital monitoring industry with the world’s first AI-assisted monitoring platform for digital ecosystems. It’s more than 8,000 global customers include 72 of the Fortune 100, nine out of ten of the world’s leading cloud providers, eight out of the top ten banks, and nine out of the ten largest technology companies.

But success comes with challenges. With lead volumes multiplying, Dynatrace’s account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is highly dependent on efficient and accurate lead-to-account matching. The company’s legacy account matching process, however, was neither fast nor precise. Dynatrace’s vital marketing attribution process was similarly challenged, as well as being limited in functionality, making it difficult to prove marketing’s effectiveness and impact on revenues.

"Dynatrace’s use of LeanData is driving a major foundational shift in how we prove marketing’s revenue contributions, fine-tune our spend, and make the case for increased marketing budget.”

- Dave Anderson, SVP, Marketing


  • Legacy matching process was slow and inaccurate. 
  • A manual attribution model was so time-consuming it could only be applied to North America operations, leaving out their global teams.


  • LeanData Matching automatically evaluates leads and matches them to existing accounts.
  • LeanData Attribution helps the marketing team determine campaign success and better allocate their budget. 


  • Improved Accuracy: Full visibility into all activities within target accounts across any timeframe gives them a comprehensive view to support their ABM strategy.
  • Productivity: Marketing team drove a 3x productivity improvement in building out key reports, allowing Dynatrace to scale and report globally. 
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