BetterWorks Case Study

September 28, 2017

Betterworks is disrupting the Human Resources industry with a technology solution that drives employee performance through feedback and transparency. Betterworks helps customers succeed by focusing on results and constant improvement. Masha Finkelstein, Director of Demand Generation, mirrors that philosophy as she meets the high expectations of a fast-growing, evolving business. She believes in designing an agile marketing technology stack that creates meaningful customer engagement. That’s why ON24 and LeanData are integral parts of the Betterworks’ tech stack.

ON24 and LeanData have become a powerful one two combination for Betterworks by producing quantifiable ROI. During the first half of 2017, LeanData attribution showed that the ON24 webinar program:

  • Influenced more than $1.2 million in pipeline
  • Touched 138 opportunities
  • Drove a 2x increase in marketing generated revenue

Also, those results were achieved with no additional resources in terms of budget and team members. “It’s why we’ve basically doubled down on webinars,” Finkelstein said. “And it’s going to go up in Q3 and Q4.” 

"Our ON24 webinars generate qualified leads, and LeanData is the only way to convert them into contacts for reporting on the account level. I love the combination of ON24 and LeanData. I can’t imagine ever replacing either one because of how great they’ve been working for us.”

- Masha Finkelstein, Director of Demand Generation

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